20th April - The graphic design of the site is finally getting finished. It’s is currently in the process of being “search engine optimised”.

21st April - Flash menu complete, and SEO optimising complete, and site has been submitted to search engines.

22nd April - Site has been submitted to all major search engines.

24th April - Editing completed for the “home page video”. It has been uploaded and embedded into the home page. More video’s are to come, but not for the next 2 weeks at least. Thanks must go to the clinic manager Jane who did an excellent job filming the video.

30th April - Adwords campaign starting tomorrow. Google Analytics has now been setup.

5th May - Thanks must go to my faithful spellcheking patients. Thanks for all your help! If any customers have any suggestions or requests for the web site please let reception know.

5 June - Oliver will be on holiday 10th of June to the 15th June. Normal treatment times will resume after. On the Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th June we are working slightly extended opening times to accommodate our patients.

24th June - We have some exciting improvements to make to the site over the next 3 months. I can’t say too much at the moment, but it should prove to be a real asset to our patients.

22 July 2009 - We are pleased to announce our current promotion. Those that attend the “30 minutes to health” workshop will get a 50% price reduction on their next appointment.

18th January 2010- We have now moved web hosting to give better features and service to our customers. An e-mail form is now available on our contact us page, and live instant messaging is available (direct to the reception computer). Simply click on the “Live Support”. More new features will be available shortly.

19th April 2010 - I have updated the prices on the web site, as well as adding a page “about the Chiropractor”

25th April 2010 - I have also added a special offer page. This awards any new patient that attends the clinic an ice-pack.

13th July 2010 - I have now updated the website to include more helpful information about the differences between an Osteopath, Chiropractor, and Physiotherapist. If you are interested in the differences between Chiropractic, Osteopathy, or Physiotherapy, have a look at the respective pages.

7th November 2010 - We are pleased to announce our new promotion (of a free consultation). This ends on the 15th December 2010, so be quick!

29th December 2010 - Thank you to everyone who recommended a friend for the free consultation. It has been a lot of fun, and very busy. Also, well done to all who braved the arctic conditions to keep their appointments. You are a hardy breed !

14th Jan 2011 - Well done to one of our patients who won 4 free treatments with our charity competition for Acorns Children’s Hospice. Thanks to everyone who contributed. In total just under 90 was raised

4th May 2011 - Thanks again to Megan who did an amazing job at the clinic while I was away. I had an amazing time on holiday, and its really good to be back. See you at the clinic!

15th May 2011 - The new patient testimonial video section is complete. Thanks again must go to my customers who gave their time up to help us make these videos.

15th June 2011 - We are running a new promotion, and this time it's the best offer we have ever done. It's for a free consultation with a free treatment (normal price 61). Simply visit our special offer page and print out the voucher before 16 June to take advantage of this amazing deal.

19th July 2011 - Thank you to all those who took advantage of the free consultation and treatment promotion. It was brilliant to see so many new faces. As always I look forward to working with you  to restore health to your spine.

30th November 2011 - I have been working on a sister website . Have a look; there is some fresh content on Low Back Pain, and a very nice testimonial page.   

18th July 2012 - I have been sending out newsletters updating people about our missed appointment policy. For more information please contact reception. I have also updated this site and altered and  added a few things.                      

28 November 2012- I have just added the free consultation info to the web site. I am also in the process of updating our newsletter with the offer.

11th June 2013 - Thanks to Megan for doing such an outstanding job caring for my customers while I was away ! Meanwhile I have been updating the website...

24th June 2013 - We are running a free Consultation and free treatment from the 24th June to the 24th July.

25th September 2013 - I have updated the site with a new page about private MRI scans. We are now able to get a great price of 200 inc VAT for a cervical or lumbar MRI in the Birmingham area.

12th November 2013 - We now have our two massage tables up and running in the clinic. All new and existing patients get a complimentary go on them.

17th November 2013 - I have updated the website for the free consultation and treatment promotion which starts tomorrow.

7th July 2014 - I have updated the website for the free consultation and treatment promotion which starts today. Its always popular so be quick.

16th March 2015 - I have updated the testimonial page. We now have 13 video testimonials all displaying on one viewer.

11 November 2015 - I have updated the welcome video. Its now in Hd and has good quality audio.

28 December 2016 - We have just finished our latest promotion. A big thanks to all that made it a success and have a happy new year