Babies and Children

After the baby is born it is so important to have a thorough spinal check-up within the first 6 weeks of life. Birth can be very traumatic for the baby, being on the inside of every contraction can have some very negative effects on the function of the babies immature spine and nervous system. At the first session we take a full medical history and do a full chiropractic assessment of the bones of the spine, and if necessary extending the examination to the limb range of movements.


Any force applied is no more than you would apply to your eye ball and some babies sleep through the examination. 

We currently offer between a 50-80% discount for babies and children. Please ring the clinic for further details.




We have all been educated into the benefits of dental check-ups and dental hygiene and yet no one has taken the time to educate parents into understanding the effects nerve interference can have on a child's developing nervous system; the same system that is trying to monitor and control every cell in your body every moment of every day. If that system is placed under stress it can show imbalance and failure in areas and these are detectable and treatable.